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    Media Articles by Jacqui Olliver

    Jacqui Olliver provides unique perspectives on solving emotional and sexual challenges for news and media articles which you won’t find anywhere else. Schedule a media interview here 

    Jacqui Olliver TV and Podcast Interviews

    Jacqui Olliver founder of Psychosexual Alignment

    Jacqui Olliver is a published author who renews relationships by solving emotional and sexual issues for men, women and couples. Through her work, she developed the Emotional Reset Technique which resolves emotional triggers; and the Inner Vaginal Flush Technique to restore vaginal health as well as easy penetration regardless of a woman's age. 

    Jacqui is passionate about helping people develop new mindsets and strategies to overcome life challenges; and has been told her views on sexual function, human psychology and emotions will one day change the universal perspective on health and relationships.

    Her acclaimed book Doing This ONE Thing Will Change Your Life Forever: The Self Help Guide to Personal Growth & Healthy Relationships was published in 2017.

    Jacqui is also a co-author with Jim Britt and Jim Lutes in The Change (Book #13). The Change is said to be the fastest growing personal development series in the world.

    books by Jacqui Olliver
    Jacqui Olliver Jim Lutes Jim Britt The Change Book 13

    Media Articles Written by Jacqui Olliver

    Articles For Health Professionals

    How to Recommend Sex Therapy to Your Clients (Jacqui's Blog) 

    3 Reasons Why You Should Ask Male Patients About Their Sex Life

    5 Questions You Should Ask Male Patients About Their Sex Life (LinkedIn)

    Other Media Resources

    Another place to find more perspectives for solving sexual problems is on Jacqui's End The Problem Blog – her personal favorite is a thought-provoking post based on her own life experience: Overcoming the Fear of Sex

    Book a Media Interview here: https://bookme.name/jacquiolliver/professional-appt

    Contact Jacqui Olliver 
    Website: End the Problem 
    Text | WhatsApp: +64 21 815 029 
    Email: [email protected]

    Jacqui's articles and blog posts may be reproduced on your site as long as at least one link to this website remains intact. Please include an attribution link pointing to the original article.

    Introducing Jacqui Olliver

    Meet the innovator behind the acclaimed Psychosexual Alignment method. A member of the New Zealand Sexual Health Society, Jacqui's breakthrough work is endorsed by medical specialists, relationship coaches, TV and podcast hosts, and many professionals in the realm of health, wellness and personal development.

    Jacqui Olliver Psychosexual Alignment Founder

    Jacqui Olliver

    Psychosexual Alignment

    Great Sex No Problem Jacqui Olliver

    Recommended by Professionals...

    testimonial for Jacqui Olliver

    "We have a very joyful life after enrolment with your program... I often see such patients with stress and a lot of problems with their partners, I always prefer them first go through your programs."

    - Dr Ejay Shah, Pakistan
    Medical Specialist

    relationship coach reviews

    "Jacqui has been one of my favourite guests, she is open, honest, thoughtful, prepared and has a true willingness to help people reach their happiest sexual experiences."

    - Alison Donaghey,
    The Domino Thinking Podcast

    medical recommendation for Jacqui Olliverrelationship coach reviews

    "I have tried many types of drugs, consultation with many therapists and many herbs and Ayurveda. Your discovery and solution to sex problem in males is 200 times better than all other pills and suggestions combined."

    - Dr Vijay Raghavan, Award-Winning Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist

    I have many success stories to share!

    Most of my customers get relief after their first session, and recover completely after finishing the program.
    More testimonials here

    testimonial for Jacqui Olliver

    "Your strategies are hands down the best so far from the other techniques out there. I'm very thankful to you."

    - Hattan, USA*
    The best

    review Jacqui Olliver

    "A good friend of mine worked with you and raves about the results he got from you."

    - Casey, USA*

    recommendation for Jacqui Olliver

    "This is the best program for PE and ED I have ever encountered!

    - Ralph*
    Best program

    Jacqui Olliver Psychosexual Alignment Specialist

    Jacqui Olliver

    As the founder of the Psychosexual Alignment methodology and published author, Jacqui has helped thousands of men and women easily resolve sex problems and restore emotional connection. Get your ultimate sex education and elevate intimacy to an exciting new level of engagement with Jacqui's Sex Mastery Programs for Men and Women.

    © Jacqui Olliver. All Rights Reserved. DMCA protected. The content on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  *Results vary from person to person. Questions? Please email me directly and let me know how I can help: [email protected]