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    Resources to Help Media and Health Professionals

    Within the complexities of personal and relationship fulfillment, certain issues can dim the spark of passion for men and women. For females, struggles such as difficulty achieving orgasm, waning libido, and inner vaginal dryness (especially leading up to menopause) can cast a shadow on her confidence and self-esteem.

    But it doesn't stop there. Men face their own challenges, including premature ejaculation, loss of erection hardness, or difficulty achieving ejaculation. This intricate web of issues can make sex feel complicated and disconnecting and leave both partners feeling disheartened about their intimate life. Ultimately, these problems lead to a shared decline in libido, as well as affecting the mental, emotional, and physical health of both partners. It's time to end these problems.

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    Are you a health, industry, or corporate professional who is curious about referring clients?

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    Relationship Coach review Jacqui Olliver

    "It amazes me how simple and effective your methods are. This is the kind of sex education everyone wishes they had."

    - Deb Morgan, Relationship Coach

    great sex no problems

    Are you a journalist, podcaster, writer or other industry professional looking for unique insights to help people solve sexual function and intimacy issues?

    Let's jump on a call to get to know each other and how I can best serve your audience.

    Podcast reviews Jacqui Olliver

    "I recently had Jacqui as a guest on my podcast, Dr. D's Social Network, and I can tell you that she is a high quality guest. She is super knowledgeable, easy to talk to and always willing to answer any question. Thanks for providing such good information on such an important topic Jacqui!"

    - Darian Parker PhD

    Podcast reviews Jacqui Olliver

    "Jacqui has been one of my favourite guests, she is open, honest, thoughtful, prepared and has a true willingness to help people reach their happiest sexual experiences. I adore her non-threatening approach and have personally recommended her services to friends. it is sometimes hard to find people who are as truly congruent as Jacqui is."

    - Alison Donaghey

    Psychosexual Alignment with Jacqui Olliver

    Want to refer a family member, friend or colleague?

    This is a sure way for the people you care about, to get clear on what the problem is, and how they can move forward with confidence. Please give them this link to book a 20-min complimentary strategy session: https://www.endtheproblem.com/complimentary

    "A good friend of mine worked with you and raves about the results he got from you."



    "I did the free 20 minute phone interview with you. You had to be the easiest person ever to talk to and I feel good inside that you will be able to help me."


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    As I travel overseas extensively, the most effective way to contact me is through WhatsApp messaging or email. Whether you have questions about booking a session, media inquiries, or speaking engagements, feel free to reach out via these channels and I'll respond as promptly as possible.

    Jacqui Olliver

    Jacqui Olliver

    Psychosexual Alignment Specialist

    Member of the New Zealand Sexual Health Society

    +64 21 815 029


    "Your views about sexual function, human psychology and emotions will one day, change whole of medicine. You have made a programme which is priceless... I always recommend your website to my patients."

    - Dr Vijay Raghavan, Award-winning Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist

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