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Breakthrough The Barriers To Great Sex!

For Men and Women

No More Holding Back!

Don't let sexual and emotional issues hold you back any longer. 
Take the first step towards experiencing great sex with no problems!

No More Procrastination

Take action to resolve any problems with expert guidance and proven techniques.

Sex To Drive A Woman Wild

Imagine as a woman, being able to get turned on, stay turned on, and easily reach an orgasm?

Confident Men Are Sexy

Imagine as a man, having the right knowledge and ability to ignite sexual desire in your partner!

ONE Breakthrough Concept...

Easily Resolve Emotional and Sexual Challenges

great sex no problems great relationship
  • No Problems - Remove the barriers to great sex

  • Great Sex - Awaken your natural ability and confidence to achieve fulfilling sex and intimacy

  • Happy Relationships - Reignite the desire in your relationship for deep and meaningful connection

Here's Everything That You Get

(Plus Extra Bonuses)

Breakthrough The Barriers to Great Sex

Take Your First Step In Discovering...

  • How to Overcome Sexual Anxiety and Enjoy Great Sex

  • The Effects of Sex Problems on Your Relationship

  • The Art of Sexual Focus and It's Benefits

  • How to Control Your Emotional and Sexual Sensitivity

  • The 10 Pillows of Great Sex and much more...

breakthrough the barriers to great sex program

Including These Extra Bonuses...

  • The Sexual Arousal Scale - Getting into the Pleasure Zone

  • Best Sex Positions for Control, Comfort, and Connection

  • How to Stop Feeling Sexually Frustrated

  • Igniting Desire: A Guide to Amplifying Each Other’s Libido

  • Transform Intimacy with The Inner Vaginal Flush Technique

Enjoy a Totally Fulfilling Sex Life

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Breakthrough The Barriers To Great Sex!

Your first step in achieving confidence and satisfaction in the bedroom and your relationships.

This breakthrough approach helps to:

  • Tackle emotional and sexual challenges head-on, without relying on temporary fixes like drugs or therapy.

  • Draw from decades of expertise and experience in assisting thousands of individuals and couples.

  • Empower you to overcome sex problems, caused by incorrect focus and techniques, anxiety and many other roadblocks to great sex from not having the right knowledge.

It's Time For You To Experience Fulfilling Sex And Intimacy!

It's not just about fixing a problem; it's about creating a future filled with pleasure and satisfaction, and to help you restore that crucial emotional connection.

Place your sexual wellbeing at the top of your priority list

Get Ready For A More Fulfilling And Connected Sex Life!

The Power of a Great Relationship

"Breakthrough The Barriers To Great Sex" reveals what is possible in your physical and emotional relationship, and sex life.

Get the right knowledge and understanding to identify and eradicate the problems stopping you from experiencing great sex.

Hence, great sex no problems.

sex power
No more holding back

No More Holding Back

It's crucial to address sexual and emotional challenges promptly before they spiral out of control and start affecting other areas of your life.

These issues can erode your self-confidence and your ability to form strong and healthy relationships.

Many of us are unaware that we even have a problem. Let alone the depth and understanding of that problem or the negative impact it is having on our relationships and our life.

Now The Fun Begins

By applying the right knowledge and best techniques, you gain a deeper insight into the problem and hence the ability to overcome it.

The fun part is the experimenting, playing, exploring, and pushing the boundaries of your new-found knowledge. Learning how to use your creativity and imagination, takes your communication and connection to a whole new level.

Many people who have done the program literally say it is like they have super powers.

now the fun begins

Overcome the barriers to great sex and intimacy

The Key To Great Sex

The truth is, how you direct your focus and actions during sex will have a direct impact on your sensitivity and the level of connection you are able to experience.

Great Sex is not just a physical interaction; it's a genuine exchange of emotions. Your approach to these moments, the attention you invest, and the choices you make profoundly impact the level of connection you can genuinely experience.

I'm here to help you navigate this path towards more profound and meaningful intimacy.

    I thought I was broken testimonial 38-Opt

    Guys Need To Know This!

  • "I am so grateful Jacqui, I am seeing my girlfriend tomorrow and feel like the problem is pretty much gone! I can't believe it I thought I was broken!!!

    I have searched on sooo many sites and got so much bad advice and feel like posting the link of your site on all of those others.

    As this is a horrible problem and your method will work for me - so guys need to know this! Many, many thanks for the help.

    One week later: I'm cured Jacqui!! Any position for as long as I want! So happy I honestly thought I was broken 🙂

    Thank you doesn't cover it... You have no idea what this means to me."

    Adam, USA*

The Advanced Knowledge You Seek

Fully Engage in Your Relationships and With Life

Take control of your sex life and experience the fulfillment you deserve!

Experience the joy and pleasure of sex like never before! This breakthrough program reveals the secrets to balancing your sexual focus and unlocking your sexual potential. 

Whether you're struggling with sexual dysfunction or just looking to enhance your sex life on all levels. "Breakthrough The Barriers To Great Sex" will give you the knowledge and understanding that will help you to:

  • Restore your confidence and connection with a partner.

  • Take sex and intimacy to a whole new level of connection

  • Naturally lead you to satisfying and fun sexual experiences!

Great Sex No Problems...
That's what people are talking about!

relaxing and informative session

"Relaxing and informative..."

"My biggest concern was not being able to satisfy my wife and myself completely. My premature problem was emotionally draining to both of us. I was apprehensive and anxious leading up to the session, but found it to be very relaxing and informative.

Jacqui's session made me think in different ways than I normally would; to control myself in every aspect of my life.

It was a very informative session - has shown me a new perspective and ultimately leads to a desired result."

Joe, USA*


"It was always a burden"

"PE was an issue for my wife and since we first began seeing each other nearly 20 years ago. It was always a burden in an otherwise solid relationship.

I have done most or all of the things you find in books or via urologists to little improvement. PE had always affected us, but it kept getting worse.

I wanted us both to have a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship so I bought Jacqui's program. My wife and I are both really pleased with the results."

Mark, Australia*

Say goodbye to frustrating sex problems, lack of confidence, and disconnection with your partner.

Breakthrough to a loving and fulfilling sex life

    secrets to mind-blowing sex

    From a woman's experience...

  • "Excellent info and really well presented – concise and to the point. You presented info we should have learned during sex Ed in our old school days which was sadly absent.

    Having it presented by a woman giving guys the inside info from a woman’s experience and perspective is well… gold... All those important details that I’m now realizing are so important to a woman’s pleasure.

    I feel I have gained in confidence and belief and you have given me the tools to build on to move forward. So well done you on such an excellent program.

    I didn’t realize how quick it can be for a woman to lose arousal if a technique is not done correctly."

    Ray, New Zealand*

Customers share their stories...
Great Sex No Problems

better partner better lover

"Better partner and a better lover"

"I can't thank you enough... Your words and advice have my heart feel whole again and please know you have helped me clear my mind of all my sexual inadequacies and made me a better person, a better partner and a better lover. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Daniel, United States*

testimonials jacqui olliver

"Session was awesome"

"Our session was awesome, Jacqui made me feel comfortable and relaxed while explaining the cause of my problem and the solution. The session made me more aware of what actually goes on during sex. You'll definitely learn more than what you think you will."

Blair, New Zealand*

Achieve the satisfaction you deserve from your sex life

Light The Fire

A lack of desire in your partner could be from a loss of confidence and emotional neediness.

Discover strategies to rebuild confidence and foster a more secure, fulfilling connection.

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship, by understanding the real issues at play, you will develop the tools to navigate difficult conversations with ease.

light the fire of sexual desire

Reignite the Passion in Your Sex Life!

Enhance Your Sexual Confidence!

Ready to put some nitro into your sex life and take it to the next level?

Yes, I Want Great Sex!
  • 100% Secure Transaction + Best Encryption.

  • your path to sexual fulfillment 212-Opt

    Eliminating mental distractions: your path to sexual fulfillment

    great sex no problems

    It's time to restore happy and satisfying intimacy!

    Ready to take your sex life to the next level?

    Take Control of Your Destiny and EXPERIENCE True Fulfillment!

    A Letter From The Founder

    I started building the Psychosexual Alignment methodology due to my own sexual concerns, and the lack of real-life sex education available. For over 10 years, I've continued to develop this methodology to help men and women enjoy great sex no problems. It's practical, easy to follow, and yields swift results.

    Thousands of my clients including relationship therapists and medical doctors report amazing success using my method. Knowing how to deal with the causes rather than the effects, will resolve the problems and result in great sex. 

    This is your chance to truly excel in and out of your relationships, and restore a deeply satisfying and fulfilling union. Psychosexual Alignment enables you to generate happy, fulfilling, and intimate connection with a partner on every level - regardless of your age.

    I'm totally confident these insights will reignite your desire for sex, dramatically increase intimacy in your relationship, and skyrocket your sex confidence and self-esteem.

    I have helped thousands of others achieve a mutually fulfilling relationship and sex life and I'd love to help you too. With my unique system, your sex life and ability to deeply connect to another will reach a whole new level of happiness, pleasure and contentment.

    Jacqui Olliver

    Jacqui Olliver

    Founder of Psychosexual Alignment

    "Breakthrough The Barriers To Great Sex" Today!

    enjoyable sex and orgasms


    One of the biggest challenges for both men and women is to get over their procrastination and stop sabotaging their happiness.

    You might think I'm crazy to offer such heavily discounted specials, but really, it's just that I've been where you are and I sincerely want you to have great sex no problems.

    (Value - Priceless)

    I'm not crazy, but this special discount is... So let's do this!

    Get the Best Sex Education Available!

    I Want You To Have Great Sex!


    • Enhance your confidence and self-esteem, secure in the knowledge that you can easily get turned on and stay turned on, and enjoy fulfilling intimacy with a partner.

    • Sleep at night, confident in your ability to fulfill both yourself and your partner sexually - and keep your partner's engaged attention - regardless of your age.

    • Be empowered with the knowledge and skills to truly enjoy sex and deep levels of intimacy and connection.

    Breakthrough The Barriers To Great Sex

    Take Your First Step in Discovering...

    • How to Overcome Sexual Anxiety and Enjoy Great Sex

    • The Effects of Sex Problems on Your Relationship

    • The Art of Sexual Focus and It's Benefits

    • How to Control Your Sexual and Emotional Sensitivity

    • The 10 Pillows of Great Sex and much more...

    program image

    Breakthrough The Barriers To Great Sex [$147+ Value]

    Including These Extra Bonuses...

    • The Sexual Arousal Scale - Getting into the Pleasure Zone [$48+ Value]

    • Best Sex Positions for Control, Comfort, and Connection [$38+ Value]

    • 3 Easy Steps to End Sexual Frustration [$38+ Value]

    • Igniting Desire: A Guide to Amplifying Each Other’s Libido [$38+ Value]

    • Transforming Intimacy: The Inner Vaginal Flush Technique [$38+ Value]

    Are You Tired of Sexual Problems?

    (Total Value: $347)

    It's Time to Take Control of Your Sex Life

    Limited Time Offer

    Normally you read marketing sales pages and they talk about some kind of “false scarcity”... It’s a tactic they use to get you to BUY NOW rather than to procrastinate and go about your ways.

    I'm not going to try and create some false scarcity, however, I will lay down the facts for you. Relationship breakdown - especially if you have children, can be emotionally and financially devastating, and in many cases seems to mark the end of your dream of a fulfilling and happy life. However, this is not necessarily a fact.

    FACT: What matters now is that you do everything you can to get yourself into an empowered emotional state.

    FACT: The reality is that unsatisfying sex (or no sex) is an indicator that a relationship might break down or end in divorce.

    FACT: To experience full intimacy and connection in a relationship, you need to restore emotional and sexual connection. Many relationships end due to finding this connection somewhere else. It could be addiction to food, gambling, drugs, alcohol, or even lead to an affair. The fact is that if you don't act now, you risk dealing with the trauma that non-action manifests.

    FACT: The first and main requirement for a happy, successful, relationship and sex life is to know how to get out of your own way and stop self-sabotaging your happiness. 

    I'm here to help by offering you a powerful and proven program at amazing value, for a limited time only. Act NOW and SECURE a happy and mutually fulfilling relationship and sex life. Of course, the choice is yours, however...

    Life might not give you another chance

    Join thousands of men and women who have completed my programs and feel sexually fulfilled...

    Limited Time Offer

    Get The BREAKTHROUGH Bundle

    ONLY $147!

    ⭐ Rock-Solid 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee ⭐  

    I'm so confident in the value of my Sex Mastery Programs, that I offer an ironclad promise:  

    • If, within 30 days, you complete a program (including worksheets provided) and don’t find it absolutely game-changing when fully applying the principles and techniques in your life, just reach out. I'll refund every penny of your investment –

    • But there's more... I genuinely care about your success. So, if something's not up to your expectations, I’d love to hear about it. Your feedback is my roadmap to offering the most outstanding online sex education training out there.

    • Your satisfaction isn’t just a goal. It’s my mission.

    • (For further clarity, please refer to our Refund Policy)

      Please note, there are no refunds available for discounted memberships and/or programs, or consultations.

    Sex Mastery with Jacqui Olliver

    Here's Everything You Need To Know

    • If you want to achieve optimum success in your relationship and sex life, this is the Procrastination Buster you need! Get ALL 3 Sex Mastery Programs at ONE crazy price!

    • The total value including all 3 programs and bonuses is easily valued at more than $4,327. However, I really want you to experience great sex!

    • This sale is for a Limited Time. (I reserve the right to raise it back to its regular price at any time.)

    Total Value: $4,327

    Get ALL 3 Programs for Only $147









    Yes, I Want Great Sex!
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  • Your Questions Regarding The Sex Mastery Digital Programs and Consultations Answered
    How are programs delivered to me? (Is anything sent to my home address?!)

    Confidentiality is paramount and NOTHING is sent to your home address. After purchasing a consultation or digital program you will be emailed login details to access a private area of my website. Here you will receive instructions to book consultations, and where you can immediately watch or download program resources to your computer, phone or tablet. You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the member's area and it’s 100% CONFIDENTIAL. There are no recurring payments.

    What format is the program?

    All Psychosexual Alignment programs are 100% digital. The formats available (for just one price) include videos, audios and full PDF transcripts as well as Bonus PDF reports and summaries which answer all questions. After purchase, you can immediately view these online, or download to your computer, tablet or phone. 

    Is Psychosexual Alignment just for heterosexual men and women?

    The ideology of Psychosexual Alignment works for same sex couples. However, the concepts are explained from a heterosexual male / female perspective and are more focused on penetrative intercourse.

    Do I need to take any supplements or medicines?

    Absolutely ZERO medicines or supplements are required with Psychosexual Alignment. Instead, I’m going to show you how to directly control and influence the signals your brain is giving to your body so you can be in charge of your body! There will be no more confusion! The natural outcome of following this procedure is a sense of connection and personal achievement.

    Is Psychosexual Alignment just a bunch of exercises?

    Most of the program is focused on restructuring your focus and actions so you stop confusing your brain and start giving it clear instructions. When you give your brain relevant “signals” during sexual activity, it can naturally respond with the correct mode of operation.

    Does Psychosexual Alignment work for single men and women?

    Absolutely yes! Consider the fact that you are simply missing an education - the kind of education in an ideal world, you would receive at high school. Once you understand the procedure your brain needs for sex, it’s a simple matter of mentally going over it to ensure you align the information in the correct order. Going over the elements of the program (mental, physical and emotional elements) will restore confidence in your ability to relate sexually with a partner in real life.

    Is Psychosexual Alignment easy to follow?

    My customers tell me Psychosexual Alignment is straightforward to implement into your sex life (whether single or in a relationship) because it’s logical and makes complete sense. That once you understand the correct focus and action sequence required by your brain for sex, the answer to solving all sex problems seems obvious - as though you should have already known. It’s straightforward compared to other commonly taught methods - and far more satisfying for your partner too.

    Is it going to make sex seem too regimented?

    For some men and women it may appear that way initially, however, this is only because you are learning a new system as when you learn to drive a car. In most cases, within a short period of time, following the Psychosexual Alignment method will eventually seem like second nature. This will lead to feeling more relaxed and at ease during sex as you regain your sexual confidence and timing.

    How soon can I expect to see results?

    Psychosexual Alignment is scientifically based on how your brain influences your actions. You may begin feeling different within the first few hours of starting your program. Primarily because you are receiving valuable information that has taken many years to put together. Just seeing things from a whole new perspective in life will dramatically change your focus, outlook, and behaviors and empower you to start transforming your life.

    Newly acquired results will make you become more hopeful and confident that your problem will be solved. This immediately resolves most of your mental and emotional burdens. Going over the resources more than once will help you understand this new knowledge quicker and can lead to faster results.

    Sexually, results vary from person to person. Success can be experienced the next time you have sex and satisfying results usually occur well within 30 days if you are having regular sex. For some people it takes longer to integrate and align the information in the correct order. You can email me any time, if you want further understanding and clarification.

    Recommended by Professionals...

    relationship coach reviews

    "Jacqui has been one of my favourite guests, she is open, honest, thoughtful, prepared and has a true willingness to help people reach their happiest sexual experiences."

    - Alison Donaghey,
    The Domino Thinking Podcast

    reviews Jacqui Olliver

    "I am successfully moving forward with my relationship both at a mental and sexual level. I have now managed to put the lovemaking tips you have given me... to create rapid arousal with wonderfully controlled intercourse."

    - Dr Paul (Surname withheld),
    Medical Specialist

    medical review Jacqui Olliver

    "Your views about sexual function, human psychology and emotions will one day, change whole of medicine... I always recommend your website to my patients."

    - Dr Vijay Raghavan, Award-Winning Diabetes and Metabolic Specialist

    I have many success stories to share!

    Most of my customers get relief after their first session, and recover completely after finishing the program.

    testimonial for Jacqui Olliver

    "...it has already improved things for my wife and me. Understanding the root cause has helped and learning the techniques to change! Awesome! Had great sex and lasted much longer."

    - Jeff, Australia*
    Lasting much longer

    review Jacqui Olliver

    "I was impressed with everything about your program from start to finish. The videos/slides are easy to understand... I was already feeling more confident on why I was losing hardness and how I can correct it."

    - Tom, Canada*
    Feeling more confident

    recommendation for Jacqui Olliver

    "I had PE for a long time – sex was just not enjoyable. Jacqui has a caring and thoughtful approach and the technique was easy to understand, once explained. I had focused on the wrong things, so this helped a lot."

    - Mark*
    Easy to understand

    Jacqui Olliver Psychosexual Alignment Specialist

    Jacqui Olliver

    As the founder of Psychosexual Alignment and published author, Jacqui has helped thousands of men and women easily resolve sex problems and restore emotional connection. Get your ultimate sex education and elevate intimacy to an exciting new level of engagement!